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September 21st, 2004

02:43 pm - List of Care Package Items Recieved
1)American flag toe socks
2)Halloween pumpkins dishes and candy corn
3)Home-made cookies
4)A white decorative ghost
4)Mystery box which I am not strong enough to pick up by myself
(I'll get back to you about this when I find another set of arms
to get it up to my room)

It is my mom's new favorite hobby to send me things, hahaha.

College is amazing, though I've never had this much work in my life. Speaking of which, I should definately be studying for any of the three exams I have in the next 2 days.
Current Mood: busy/humored
Current Music: Gavin Degraw

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June 10th, 2004

07:21 pm
yellowseahawk's LJ stalker is _dan_the_man_!
_dan_the_man_ is stalking you because they heard you are awesome in bed, and they want to find out. They are also deluded!

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my gosh Franklin!!

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: heaven

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June 7th, 2004

10:40 pm
I imagined we would graduate happy and buddy-buddy, having let go of all the trivial grudges from years past. Sadly thats not the vibe I get from the senior class at all. I'm going to miss WA, but I hope I won't remember it like this.

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May 23rd, 2004

03:53 pm - Shopping
I went with my mom to get a few things for Disney today, which was pretty good. Except, she thought she had brought a hard boiled egg eith her, and when she discovered it was indeed still raw she just left it oozing in a bag in the dressing room! Gee whiz. I bet Danny Tanner or Mrs. McGuire would never do that.
Current Mood: amused/annoyed
Current Music: I'm dancing around to "You spin me right round baby"

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May 18th, 2004

05:37 pm - After 45 minutes in the Hallmark Store...
I had found:

-cards written in Finnish
-cards written in Sweedish
-cards written in Italian
-cards written in Braille
-cards for your hairstylist
-cards for your manicurist
-cards for a dog-walker
-cards for your day care provider
-cards for your nurse
-cards for your half aunt
-cards for your half uncle
-cards for your step-father/mother-in-law
-cards featuring Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Tweety, The roadrunner, Power Rangers, Garfield, Elmo, Cookie Monster, etc. etc.
-cards wishing a happy 59th birthday
-6 million cards about how much it sucks getting old (viagra, pot bellies, women, sex, hair-loss, spread hips, cellulite, extra hair, menopause, etc. etc.)
-6 million cards expressing what a joyful, special, wonderfully fabulous amazing person the reciever was an how DREADFUL the world would be without them in your life day after day
-6 million cards about how the sender cannot wait to spend another 65 loving years with the reciever

But no card appropriate just for a nice guy on his birthday. Yikes.
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: Yellowcard

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May 14th, 2004

10:48 pm - I knew the neighbors wouldn't like this


In other news, school is almost over and I don't know what to think. I do wish I would stop feeling so weird every time that I'm alone. I wish I knew what I felt. Or how I felt about people. Or anything else for that matter.

Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: my mind is driving me crazy

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May 9th, 2004

09:51 pm - I have a UCONN email address!
I cannot handle life right now. I know the next few weeks are going to fly by and be lots of fun...but at the same time I cannot shake this stressed out feeling. I think I need to be slapped across the face like in that new Mary-Kate and Ashley movie.
Current Mood: an unsettled feel in my tummy
Current Music: Long Day-Matchbox 20

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May 3rd, 2004

07:08 pm - Roses
So about this new Outkast song...can I sing it?

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February 23rd, 2004

09:03 pm
I bet you would never guess what I'm wearing right this instant.
Current Mood: Sniffly
Current Music: benny and the jets

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February 19th, 2004

11:38 am
On the way back from bowling yesterday, one of the little girls I was babysitting for(she's 7) asked me if I ever went on dates. After a simple yes reply, she probed on: "With boys, right?" I was a little taken aback, and again said yes. Then she continued on-"Caroline? Did you know that girls can marry girls now?" I just nodded, having no idea what place I had discussing this with a seven-year-old. "Well," she said, "I think thats okay. As long as they don't kiss. That's disgusting!"
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Through the wire

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